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Culture tips to help your business in China.

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Humor in Chinese-Western business relations
Humor requires the ability to respond to others on the spot and its use can be effective in difficult negotiation situations. Engaging in a humorous interaction after a difficult agenda item may act as a release of tension. Humor after all constitutes an effective way of managing guanxi between negotiating parties. more


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The role of executive coaching in China business  -  
Author: iglobal
Doing business across cultures is not new, yet the importance of culture in business is often underestimated. So too is the benefit of having someone to accompany you as you take on new challenges across cultural boundaries – an executive coach. more

The expatriate life  -  
Author: Australia China Connections
Rowan Callick, Beijing-based China correspondent for The Australian, shares his experience of living in the Middle Kingdom. more

The value of face in China business  -  
Author: China Trade Gateway
In China, culture and business practices go hand in hand. The concept of mianzi, meaning face, is one of the key cultural nuances which can make or break a business deal or relationship. more

The art of meeting and greeting Chinese  -  
Author: China Trade Gateway
When it comes to meeting the Chinese for the first time, understand the nuances. You will be pleasantly surprised to know the Chinese are friendly and enthusiastic. more

The power of guanxi in Chinese business  -  
Author: China Trade Gateway
Guanxi is the most first and foremost word a foreigner looking to establish business in China should know. After all, it is the fuel that runs your vehicle in China. Literally. more

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